Monday, January 4, 2010

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Forget The Last Post.

Anyway,today imma show u guys the future of music!!
( copied from some where )

What am l talking about?
lts the new instrument from from Eigenlabs.
The Eigenharp Alpha.
Pretty fancy name for an instrument.... a lil to fancy..
Whats this harp im talking about?
Below is a picture of it

No.. its not a shot gun used for the PS3..

lts a professional level instrument which allows the musician to play and improvise using a limitless range of sounds with virtuoso skill. The unique design of the keys makes this the most expressive electronic musical instrument ever made.
( copied too... )

The Alpha can play and record loops, change scale and key, transpose, alter tempo, program beats, create arrangements, switch and layer multiple sounds, all while the musician is performing live on stage.

Available in a variety of finishes, it has 120 highly sensitive keys, 12 percussion keys, 2 strip controllers, a breath pipe and numerous pedal inputs. This gives almost endless possibilities for flexible keyboard layouts, fast instrument switching and expressive musical control. The comprehensive software system provides a wealth of musical performance features, including playback of its own native instruments, many common software plugins, soundfonts or midi instruments.

ok... no need for me to copy and paste anymore haha
check it out urself here

Theres also this Eigenharp Pico
lts a smaller and simpler to use version of the Alpha

What sounds does it make?..
lm not sure but i listen to a few samples.
lt has drum ,precaution, trumpet? ,flute, those arabian style of intruments,and some mixer thingy.
Theres more i think.But my youtube cant load for now rolf xD.

You want it?
Dream on haha.
it costs 3950 euroes...

it come together with
  • Eigenharp Pro case by Hiscox.
  • Product Activation card for website support and tutorial materials.
  • Breath pipe.
  • Two mouthpieces.
  • Leather strap.
  • Eigenharp Base Station.
  • 6M Alpha to Base Station connecting cable.
  • 3M Base Station to computer USB2 connecting cable.
  • Eigenlabs laptop/Base Station and cables carry bag.
  • Eigenlabs 8GB USB stick with latest install software (Macintosh) and getting started tutorials.
Thats all for today...
You can get more of the lastest updates
Only on 4cergas's blog.
which is gonna close down soon i think ..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

l forgot what l wanted to post hehe.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lol its been sometime since i last posted..
l feel abit bad letting jia post up everthign by himself so.. heres short post.
lts about strage facts..

Do you know that The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows?
It was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off.

In Georgia, it is against the law to slap a man on the back or front. << style=";font-family:verdana,arial;font-size:1px;" >
In Kentucky, it's the law that a person must take a bath once a year.

In Tennessee, a law exists which prohibits the sale of bologna (sandwich meat) on Sunday.

Humans blink over 10,000,000 times a year

A person uses approximately fifty-seven sheets of toilet paper each day

Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women

A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans

these are not made up...well not by me that is...
l got them from here

Monday, November 2, 2009

Officially Ended :)

Yes, the final-year examinations is over.
Lucky there's just few crackers going on.
There's for sure many people who regret about it.
I know cause i'm one of them!

Doesn't matter, still gotta go school anyway.
I have no idea if tomorrow will have any spotchecks.
I'm bringing my guitar most probably.

Well, there's alot of people gonna ponteng tomorrow.
My prediction is always correct. I mean who want to come after exams ?
Lots of thing to improve, to learn.
Most importantly, learn how to accept. [ right-brain thinking ]
Don't know what i'm talking about ?
Search the web!

Happy Holidays for those who will never go to school until next year.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Email.

I changed the blog email to .
To make things easier by passing the email and password to people.
I revoke myself from the admin and promoted this email as admin.
Well, I still will post don't worry.

Happy Haloween,
to my friends who celebrated it.

I guess nobody celebrate it, eyh?
well, it's still a festival. Hope you guys enjoy your day.



Friday, October 30, 2009

Left one.

Currently, we have almost finish all the subjects except for Add Maths 2.
This paper is considered is the toughest paper comparing to the science subjects.
That's my personal opinion.
Imagine you can do something on your physics paper 2, but that doesn't mean you can get any marks from Add Maths 2.
So, work hard!
For me, i know i am lack of practice in add maths question.
Well ..
Let's hope that we all pass the examinations.

Tomorrow is a schooling day, but i don't think i'm going to school. I don't like wasting time doing nothing. Like when i'm doing some paper, I finished it too fast until i have 1 hour to spare which makes me do nothing but to stare at the ceiling.

After the exam I will still update the blog, and the thing i'm not satisfied when doing the exam is that there's the booming everywhere ( the firecrackers )
I don't know the firecrackers had been modified or what, it's just too loud.
How loud ? I got scared like every single firecrackers explode.
Never ending.. :(

Get a life dudes ! put the firecrackers in your ear and try it!